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Loomba's IVF success rates and personalized care by accredited fertility sub-specialists is attracting an increasing number of patients.
We are proud of our approach: leading fertility specialists individualizing treatment plans at affordable costs making us one of the most popular IVF Clinic in India.
At Loomba IVF:
  • your fertility specialist will recommend treatment, at affordable costs planned to avoid large up front charges; and
  • where possible Loomba IVF claims directly from Medicare the Government approved fees saving you time and inconvenience - minimizing the lump sum fee you are required to pay on commencement of your treatment.
Never before have Indians had such good access to highly specialized fertility treatments.

We aim to make your payment structure as simple and straightforward as possible and while we provide an overview it is important to meet with one of our fertility specialists to understand what your specific treatment and costs plan may be.
IVF and Advanced Fertility Treatment
In vitro fertilization (or IVF) is a highly successful assisted reproductive technology. There are four basic steps in an IVF treatment cycle:
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Our lab. is now equipped with MicroManipulation System from Olympus
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