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Physicians and Staff

Patients at Loomba IVF work with one team of caregivers. This allows us to develop personal relationships based on communication and trust - the foundation of quality care.

Following are brief biographies of the members of our medical, scientific, and counseling staff

Dr.Poonam Loomba,M.D.   Obstet and Gynecology
                                                  Graduate from GOMCO Patiala 1985
                                                  Affiliations:  ASRM,RCOG,FOGSI,ISAR,ACOG,IAGE,ASPIRE,FMF
                                                  Regual faculty at many national and international conferences.
                                                  Trained at Cleveland clinic in IVF/ICSI/LASER HATCHING
                                                  Trained at Harvard IN ADVANCED ULTRASOUND.
                                                  Adavanced laproscopy training at Kiel,Germany.
                                                  Founder chairperson of Haryana chapter of ISAR.
                                                  Director and clinician at Loomba ivf centre 

Dr.Narendra Malhotra ,M.D.    Visiting obgyn specialist
Dr.Jaideep Mallhotre,M.D.       Visiting  obgyn ND ART consultant.
Mr. Vijay  Bsc.                              Embryologist
Dr.Multan Singh,M.S.                Surgical specialist/Andrologist
Dr.Vivek Singla,M.S.                  Laproscopic surgeon
Dr. Prabhakar  DA                     Anaesthetisiologist
Mrs.Bharti  MA                            Psychology
Mr.Sudhir  Bsc                            Lab Assistant


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