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We are among India's most experienced IVF centers. Loomba IVF has helped in bringing more than 2000 babies into this world by assisted reproductive technology, with pregnancy rates approaching 58.8% in certain patient population groups.

We are pleased to highlight a few of their stories for you !

Wed like to express our sincere gratitude to patients who have agreed to share their experiences with others who may be facing similar challenges.
"All of our experiences have been excellent! We are very happy with the level of care and professionalism"

"Our physician has been wonderful; very helpful and informative. We are VERY satisfied with the treatment we have received!"

"I would recommend Loomba IVF for anyone struggling with infertility. EVERY employee has been fantastic and personable. It is a great comfort for me as a fertility patient to feel completely comfortable coming here while dealing with a difficult issue. Loomba IVF has a superb team that any company would be proud of..I can't sing the praises enough. Thanks to all of you for making a difficult and emotional situation that much less stressful."

"My experience at Loomba IVF has been amazing. My doctor, her nurses, phlebotomists and a reassuring front desk receptionist have all been caring throughout our entire process. The smiling faces and background knowledge of infertility kept us upbeat."


"The nursing staff really does a phenomenal job!"

"I had yet another wonderful and compassionate experience at Loomba IVF. The nursing care was outstanding! I felt like I had individualized care delivered--with respect and compassion."

"My physician is so knowledgeable, intelligent, friendly and supportive. My nurse is excellent--always friendly, reassuring and answers all my questions (no matter how silly)."

"Thank you all for everything you do---it means the world to your patients."

"Everyone at Loomba IVF has always been professional, friendly and supportive. I had my first child through this facility almost four years ago and I am back again!"

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